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Owning a business is hard...

As business owners, we know how tedious it is to keep track of every moving piece that goes into the machine that makes a business work. In today’s digital era, where a customer’s initial attention span is less than 3 seconds and where competition is at an all-time high, customer acquisition might be the hardest thing.

But it doesn't have to be

You could be leaving a lot on the table...

Most businesses are leaving more than half of the revenue they COULD be making on the table simply by not implementing key marketing growth strategies that would scale their business to the next level. 

That’s why we are here to provide you with a TAILORED marketing strategy made specifically for your business’ needs, where we will deliver the right results, the right way, at the right time.

Leaving money on the table

Your audience is speaking, but are you listening?

90% of businesses are now using social media to grow and mark their presence, yet 50% of small businesses still fail. 

Customers are telling us exactly what they want, what they need, and what they don’t like, but how are you managing this information? 

Whether your business is in the service field, consumer products, and even non-profit, our social media management and advertising services position your business for success by sending the message to those who are actively listening.

Have you ever heard someone saying that running a business is easy?

Absolutely Not

These are the common mistakes that takes business from being profitable to zero at no time.

Not Diversifying Client Bases

Take a good look at your email list (every business should have one), and if you have one or a couple of clients who are responsible for at least 50% of your business’s revenue, then it is definitively time to diversify.
When your revenue is riding on one “whale” client or clients, that one whale could dash off to do business with someone else at any time, leaving you in the ocean with your other clients or “small fish” as your main revenue source.
Don’t let your business rely on a few clients. It’s a recipe for disaster. This is where we come in with our multiple wizard-like SEO and social media growth and lead generation tactics to acquire those golden customers that stay with you.

Lack of Proper Marketing

When you establish your business, you are not provided with a guide explaining all the A-Zs of marketing and specifically a marketing strategy for your specific business. It’s imperative to consider the amount of competition you have out there and know that they are growing every day with no plan of stopping, but it doesn’t have to end there. This is why our team here at Wiz SEO Tech will make sure to lay out a specific A-Z marketing growth plan specifically suited for your business goals, ultimately getting your content and prime services in front of thousands, with little to no work required from you, freeing your time in the things that matter most about your business.

Not Maintaining an Online Presence

To sustain your business, you need people to know about you, and you need people to give their opinion on what you should do and how you do it. There’s no better place than the internet to spread your brand awareness. There’s an undeniable opportunity for you to share valuable content with your audience. After audience-insight analysis, our team will take care of content creation, posting, and scheduling the right way and at the right time when your audience engages with your social profiles the most.

Here's where we come in


Web design

No effective advertising can be done without a professional website to present your business.

Social Media


Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial way of being visible in front of your audience.

Web Design


Social Media Marketing allows you to target the exact audience that will likely convert to customers.

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Why do you need this?

Effectiveness of Different Advertising Methods

Pie Chart

With conventional advertising such as using flyers, billboards, or newspapers, the number of audiences you can reach is very limited.

In addition, because conventional advertising cannot target specific demographics, the rate of people converting to customers is very low.

However, using effective, data-driven advertising, businesses can now target a more specific audience and convert them to customers while keeping the current customers updated.

If your business is only utilizing conventional advertising methods, your business is only having a small piece of the pie.

Our team will help you find the most optimal and case-specific methods for your business to reach your desired audience so that your business can flourish and stay ahead of the competition.

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We provide free consultation and audit to make sure we can fully understand what your business needs to be successful.